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Lee Anne F. Hoherz LPN. LMT.
About Rooted In Relaxation Massage Therapy LTD.
Achieving a "zen" like state, feeling calm and relaxed while reaping all the benefits massage has to offer. Studies have shown evidence of a strong correlation between stress and disease, suggesting stress as a significant contributing factor. This has been documented by psychologist Sheldon Cohen in October 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association.  Taking time to de -stress is  very important  but all to often overlooked.Today people are stepping up and taking an active roll in their health care. This is super  empowering.  We are seeking out change by way of preventive care, including a well balanced diet, exercise, herbal supplements, vitamins, chiropractic, massage, & meditation. Applause for all those taking an active role in their own wellness story.  Many medical doctors are acknowledging the awesome effects of prevention as well as complimentary therapies such as massage. Massage has a myriad of fantastic gifts to bestow on the active health seeker. 

* It helps to alleviate pain and tension of headaches and muscle aches

* It increases circulation of blood and lymph through the body, which aids in flushing toxins.

* It increases dopamine and serotonin which are neurotransmitters that affect our moods, anxiety and  stress. When these levels rise it promotes a sense of calm and well being.  This makes massage an extremely effective adjunct therapy for depression.
Committed to helping clients achieve relaxation and increased mobility.  

My name is Lee Anne Hoherz,
I operate Rooted in Relaxation Massage Therapy LTD.
My practice is located on Ridge Road in North Royalton (inside of the R.F.G. building)  For as long as I can remember I have been interested in health and helping people. During high school I worked as a dietary aid at Mount Alverna. Though most of the work took place in the kitchen, I always enjoyed seeing the residents, even if it was a short visit to say hello and drop off the meal trays. To some residents that  may have been their only visit that day or week. 
After graduating high school I became a state tested nurses assistant. I worked in a local nursing home, and then at Parma hospital in the E.R. and the skilled nursing facility. This showed me that indeed I was on the right track. The patients and nurses that I worked with helped me to pave the road to get to my next step, which was graduating nursing school at Parma Practical School of Nursing.  I started my career in nursing  at Parma Hospital in the CCU.  After some time I left nursing and segued into being a full time mom.  A very important job!  I enjoyed every minute, while continuing to read and educate myself on new ideas in health care. Unfortunately during this time I injured my back, but on a bright note I was introduced to chiropractic care and massage therapy, I decided it was time to go back to school. In 2010 I graduated from the accelerated program at Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage, and received my license from the Ohio state medical board in February 2011.
Later I worked in the therapeutic massage studio setting and learned a great deal from some very talented therapists. In June of 2013 I opened my own business located inside of Fifer Family Chiropractic. There I garnered a great deal of knowledge in how to conduct a thriving business from Dr. Fifer and Kathie the wonderful office manager. I built my client base, while meeting amazing people who  helped me to fine tune my  skills as a therapist. So here I am now taking a new path and opening my own office.  I hope to meet  you soon and help you to realize your health potential.      
Thanks for reading :)