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  Relaxation Massage

 Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation /Swedish  massage employs traditional manipulations, of effleurage : a gliding stroke and petrissage; kneading. This type of massage will gently flush toxins. Relieving stress and muscle tension, leaving you rejuvenated.

At Rooted In Relaxation Massage Therapy LTD., My  aim is promote good health through preventive care.  Many illnesses are brought on by stress. Massage is a healthy way to combat this stress and boost your immunity. Think about a healthy lifestyle and all its components : proper nutrition , exercise,  etcetra... What about massage?   
A monthly massage is a wonderful way stay  healthy....  Body, Mind, & Spirit.    

Perfect  for massage "newbies" ! (relaxation or deep tissue)   This massage, although shorter in duration  is quite effective in offering considerable relief  from neck, back and shoulder  tension.  Great  for an immune boosting pick me up !!

Deep tissue  massage is  therapeutic in nature. Focus is on muscle tension and "knots". Swedish techniques are combined while adding sufficient pressure to begin to break down adhesions, &  flush toxins. The result will be decreased pain & tension, leaving you feeling restored and relaxed. 

Upper Body Massage

30 minute massage  $35.00

45 minute massage  $45.00

One hour massage  $55.00

​One and a Half hour massage $85.00

Two hour massage $115.00 

*add aroma therapy to any massage for $5.00
** 8% sales tax added without prescription
    Methods of Payment

      cash, check, and charge